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Arkasıra is an independent movie production company dedicated to producing films that tell compelling and unique stories. Our mission is to create films that engage audiences, challenge perspectives, and push the boundaries of creativity. We strive to create films that are visually stunning, emotionally resonant, and thought-provoking. Our team of experienced filmmakers and producers is committed to producing high-quality films that entertain and inform. With a focus on short films, documentaries, and feature length fiction films, Arkasıra is a dynamic and innovative production company that is sure to make an impact on the film industry.

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ARKASIRA is an independent production company, with focus on movies with an impact. We develop unique and interesting stories, whether local or international, but always with a focus to bring them to the interest of the international audience.


We produce feature length fiction films, documentaries and short films.


With inhouse artistic capability, funding possibilities and dynamic background, Arkasira continuously grows in its area of practice.

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Founder and Chairman of ARKASIRA, Can Adiloglu is originally an M.Sc. Engineer, who has extensive international experience in project development, financing, management, contract law, contracting and engineering as an executive.

Adiloglu studied civil engineering at Istanbul Technical University and his masters in Engineering and Project Management at the University of California, Berkeley.

He practiced photography since his years at the university, and joined different photography groups. He worked with Zone System Photography for a period. He participated in mix exhibition and books at AFSAD and Ka Atolye.

After the trainings he received at the Sinematek Association in Ankara, he started making documentaries. He worked at all different areas of filming, including camera, sound, light, editing. His documentaries were presented in Turkey and abroad.

He studied acting and writing.

He is currently working on his first feature length fiction film, “Exchange”, relating to the Turkish – Greek Population Exchange.

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Hilal Mah. 695.Cad. No:1 Çankaya, Ankara / Turkiye  |  Tel: +90-312-408 00 00

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